Peter’s professional life has included work in a variety of roles, including, Residential Care for Young People, Youth Work, Teaching & Community Education.

Living at, teaching & managing a Yoga Centre for 2.5 years + time in India aided Peter’s understanding of eastern philosophy, nature and our place within it.

Peter enjoys working with a variety of media, including pen & ink, gold leaf, pencil, intaglio, 3D mixed media & photography.

Artist Statement

"My work is an emotional response to the natural world & the elements that create & influence it’s evolution. I am attempting to share with you what I am feeling & seeing. Trees, plants, organic shapes, landscapes, seascapes, natural structures & rock strata are a particular inspiration to me. A celebration of the natural world.

I have always been intrigued by the knowledge & ceremonies of Indigenous peoples & their connection with the earth, nature and the wider universe.

Shape & colour are becoming more prominent & superseding the importance of the actual subject in some aspects of my photography. My drawings have always taken an abstracted form. Some areas of my photography are beginning to take on a similar form. In addition to my nature images I now enjoy searching for & photographing these shapes in urban & coastal areas, buildings, churches, machinery etc.

I am regularly presented with an abstract shape, idea, or concept which I feel compelled to capture and isolate, drawing attention to, acknowledging & highlighting it‘s beauty - this forms the basis of a new image, whatever the medium. The overwhelming feeling is of shape, form & purpose.

The wilderness, beauty & isolation on the west coast of Scotland had a dramatic impact on me & was the initial impetus for starting to draw/photograph in an attempt to capture what I was feeling & seeing. This experience ‘sparked’ my emotions & has continued to be a major influence in my work.

As my work evolves, shapes & colour are becoming more important almost regardless of the subject. I am venturing beyond the documentary and representational image".