Headline Exhibition Dates at The Gallery @ The Guild - January 24th - March 4th. More details to follow.


I'm feeling a little abstract .......

Elements of my work are becoming more abstract ........ blame it on the light.

Over the last year I've been experimenting with Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) and longer shutter speeds. Both of these techniques allow me to paint with light, form and colour. It may sound obvious, but as humans, we can only see that which reflects light ........... I told you it was obvious, but not something that is an everyday thought or influence on us. But, when considering it as a photographer, it can become very creative and exciting.

Examples of this style of work can be seen on this site. There are lots of unknowns when trying these techniques, But, with time (and lots of deletes) the process can become more known and with a new understanding of light, form and colour I have been slowly learning and developing my own technique to create the images that you see here.


I'm learning my way around the software on my new website so I can add new content inc my Blog.

Please return again soon to see updates + consider contacting me to put yourself on my mail list.

I'm proud to be a member of the Gallery @ The Guild Arts Cooperative - 28 artists and makers. So many talents!

The coffee bar is pretty good as well!

Thanks for your time and interest.