"Awakening". 21st April - 31st May 2023 @ The Gallery @ The Guild Arts Cooperative.

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"Spirit of Spring". I'm very pleased to announce my Headline Exhibition.

11th March - 20th April 2022 @ The Gallery at the Guild Arts Cooperative.

Sub title Moon, Tide, Sun, Salt.

The salt crystal shapes I have recorded are the result of earthly forces, elements of
nature and the solar system uniting …... in Cornwall.
A trip to the beach is exciting. What will I find? What have the Sun and Moon
created? Each salt crystal shape is fragile, impermanent and unique. To study and record them is a joy.
Nothing in nature unites or influences us and our planet more than the daily rise and
fall of the tide and the movement of the Sun and Moon. The rhythm of the tides,
tethered to the waxing and waning of the moon, shapes and creates our very sense of time.
Once the king tide has receeded the rocks on the highest part of the beach may not
come into contact with the sea again for many weeks until the next king tide. This is
when the magic happens ….. the sun slowly evaporates the sea water over these
weeks and the beautiful salt crystal shapes slowly emerge in the shallow pools and
concave rocks. All differant, depending on the heat, rock or salt water that they are
apportioned during their short creative life.
Some of my happiest days have been when I have stayed on a beach/estuary through
a full tidal cycle.

Moon Tide Sun Salt II

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The Gallery @ The Guild is the exhibition space for an exciting cooperative of 27 local artists and crafts people. Members include fine artists, ceramicists, contemporary designers, photographers, cabinet makers, textile artists, printers, sculptors and a glass artist.

The Old Silk Mill is well known as the home of C. R Ashbee's world renowned Guild of Handicraft which occupied the property from 1902 - 1908. Indeed, the Guild is still represented at The Old Silk Mill through Hart Goldsmiths and Silversmiths. Visitors are welcome  Monday - Friday.